Dr. Rawn Gabbard, DVM

Veterinarian / Practice Owner

After growing up in central Arkansas as a young kid with a special penchant for ‘fixing things’, Rawn Gabbard attended Central Baptist College for his associates degree. After, he attended the University of Central Arkansas for his bachelor’s in Biology, and later obtained a master’s degree in Biology with a specialty in Electrophysiology. In 1997 he graduated from Oklahoma State College of Veterinary Medicine with his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. He was raised on a farm with many animals (chores, sigh), and has fond memories of bottle feeding calves, raising kittens, and training the Basenjis his parents raised. He was also interested in fixing and saving small wildlife that crossed his path.

He has been a long time member of the national and state AVMA and obtains 20 hours of continuing education per year.  Professional interests include small and exotic animal medicine and surgery with particular interests in diagnostic imaging (ultrasonography and radiology) and feline medicine/neonatal care.

When not at work, Dr. Gabbard can be found camping, hiking, canoeing and other outdoor activities like hunting, biking, and motorcycling. He has developed a special interest in gunsmithing as well.

“I enjoy taking care of my clients most at ACVC by taking care of their beloved companions.”


Alicia M.

Accounts/Inventory / Office Manager

Alicia has been with ACVC since it broke ground! She is the cog in the machine that keeps the business turning. All of your medicine, food, and supplies are managed and brought to you by her vigilant inventory work. While you don’t see her on a regular basis, she is working tirelessly behind the scenes. She does everything from pharmacy management, handbook creation, account keeping…to even the beautiful artistry on our clinic sympathy cards. She keeps order in the house, and is Dr. G’s right hand! Her comfort and kindness makes ACVC’s working environment feel like home, and she always takes time out of her busy schedule to pore over each pet that enters the clinic.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their 6 kids. She and her family love the outdoors, especially searching for Arkansas’ Waterfalls and other beautiful scenery. In their “slow time”, she also enjoys getting to chill out with the family for “movie nights”. Considers her life very blessed.

Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past” Isa 43:18

Kandi L.


Our beloved Kandi is the face that will greet you at the door for each of your visits! As most of you may know, Kandi has been with the ACVC family for several tours since 2006. She is by and large one of the most integral and special parts of the clinic. Sweet and personable with a true love for your pets, she has done everything from personal sympathy calls to clients who have lost pets to handling individual requests for records and paperwork to be done in a timely manner. She will know what medicine you need refilled, can help you navigate our online store, and will let you know when you need to schedule your next appointment. When she’s not taking phone calls and assisting clients with scheduling/payments, she leads intensive receptionist training weeks with each employee. She makes sure that everyone at ACVC is equipped with the skills it takes to help Dr. Gabbard at any moment!

Kandi’s own personal pets include a 4 year old Catahoula named Bailey and a 13 month old longhair dachshund named Cooper, AKA “Bailey Mae and Cooper Jay.” When she’s not at work, Kandi enjoys camping, hiking, making crafts with her sweet daughters, and doing anything outside on a beautiful day. She loves her life…she’s married to a wonderful guy and her two girls keep her running all the time!

I enjoy getting to know the animals and their different personalities, making sure they are healthy and comfortable. I have also loved getting to know our clients and being the one to love and care for their pets!

Linnea G.

Veterinary Technician/Supervisor

Linnea first joined ACVC in 2013. She spent two years here as a veterinary assistant and kennel technician, then left to expand her experience in emergency medicine in North Little Rock. From there, she took a position as a technician in a multi-doctor, small animal practice in Sherwood, where she assisted with exotics, chemotherapy, pathology, necropsies, and regular involvement with the treatment and handling of predatory birds out of the Raptor Rehab rescue group in El Dorado. She permanently returned to her “home” here at ACVC in 2019! Her technician specialties/interests include neonatal medicine, “bad” cats (all kinds of cats, really), birds, animal nutrition, geriatric care, virology, difficult cases, instructing/training veterinary assistants, and taming the wild Dr. Gabbard (her husband)! She runs a budding kitten rescue called Conway Kitten Club, and has had success in rehoming several kittens and adult cats in the past year.

When she’s not playing with your pets at the clinic, Linnea spends most of her time with Dr. G, her two perfect cats (the old man, Dorian, and the baby cat, Renfield), and her handsome German Shorthaired Pointer, Odo (Odo Beany, Beanie-Weenie, Ween…etc…). She is a fine artist who paints, does medical/natural illustration, and also creates modern political comic/posters. She engages in activism, reading/learning, electrical engineering/computer projects, watching movies, traveling, gardening, and precision shooting with Dr. G.

“I adore the client/patient relationship at ACVC. The animals are easy to love and assist, but being able to support the special bond between the pet and the owner is priceless. It’s my way of being able to give back to people’s mental health, and support the veterinary industry by validating the fulfilling relationships people are able to sustain with different species. Our clients and patients are so wonderful it makes it that much easier.”

Austin W.

Veterinary Assistant

Austin is a vet tech/vet assistant and he’s been with us since the summer of 2019…he’s already incredibly skilled with animals and technical jobs at the clinic of all types! ACVC is his first clinical experience with veterinary work, and he’s developed a specialty with cats/exotics handling. He’s also a skilled receptionist, a great sponge for knowledge, and probably wishes we worked with marine animals (as sharks are his favorite!) Austin is incredibly passionate about people’s pets, and it shows. He’s the guy that’ll talk to your animals to eliminate their nervous energy when they walk through the doors.

Austin is a furfather to his spoiled orange and white kitty Daxter, and a ferret (whom he has much experience trying to ‘wrangle’) named Draco. When Austin isn’t at work, he enjoys the great outdoors. This includes but is not limited to camping, kayaking, and hiking. He also loves watching and talking about movies, especially the horror genre. He’s pretty good at bowling and even bowled on his school team. He considers himself quite a film enthusiast and loves a good prank, especially involving other employees…

“Working here gives me with opportunities to do things that truly matter. I like being able to learn daily and encounter unique experiences!”

Jessica N.

Groom Receptionist

Jessica has been a part of the ACVC family for a year…but has been in the field of pet care and medicine at alternate clinics and pet stores for many years. Her duties include scheduling Lindsay’s clients (groomer), and organizing the boarding department! We are more than lucky to have her expertise and help. You’ll often see her running between reception and rooms both. She’s one of the glues that keep the clinic together as she is versed in all areas!

After a full day’s work, Jessica comes home to a terrier mix (Faith), a teacup chihuahua (Cocoa), a brand new six week rescue pup (Morgan), and a rowdy kitten named Marshmellow. When she’s not at the clinic, Jessica likes to hike at different state parks with her son, making memories with family and life, reading, learning new information/skill about pet medicine, and going to college. She is both a veterinary technician student and a single mom…she is a hard worker! She is a big collector of all things dolphin, and enjoys spending time at her church.

I love continually seeing our regular clients and making long term relationships with them. I also enjoy learning about how ACVC operates and seeing how other clinics’ medicine compare.”

Katy R.

Veterinary Assistant

One of our technician leads, Katy has been at Animal Care Center for a little over a year. She specializes in room management, surgery prep, and overall task completion in the treatment area. She also likes to foster the occasional raccoon or other wildlife and has grown up around wildlife management through her mom’s forestry work. She’s also the lucky one in the hospital almost every patient has bitten ;). Even so, her favorite part of the job is being around all the patient’s and receiving all the love! Katy herself is a dog mom of Lucy (Australian Shepherd/Border Collie) and Piper (chihuahua/pomeranian), her pride and joy.

When she has a day off, Katy enjoys hiking with her dogs and husband, kayaking, or just being able to go on any sort of adventure she can!

Seeing patients recover from something super traumatic is always a blessing, and I love being able to be a part of that so I can get lots of furbaby kisses when they’re better!

Grace B.

Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Grace is our equine-friendly member! She’s our quick-learning veterinary assistant and part time receptionist! Grace has lifelong experiences with animals and has owned her own pets since she can remember. She teaches the Faulkner County Horse Knowledge 4H Group as a club leader volunteer, she’s a library of information on horses! Her role as a club leader is to prepare the pupils and horses for the District and State Horse Knowledge (Hippology) contests which run annually between June and July.

Grace does have pets of her own: an adorable speckled hound mix named Belle, and two dainty, precious cats, Boots and Fuzzy. Aside from caring for her personal animals, Grace is an active pet sitter, an artist, she trains horses, and rides on the Faith & Freedom Riders Drill and Trick Riding Team…a true multi-talent powerhouse!

Grace enjoys working at ACVC because of the “constant interactions with animals and the plethora of busywork/duties veterinary work supplies.” Her assistance is invaluable to the team!

Rebecca S.

Veterinary Assistant

Bio Coming Soon

Hannah T.

Kennel Technician/Veterinary Assistant/Reception

Bio Coming Soon

Erin S.

Kennel Technician/Veterinary Assistant

Erin is our newest technician! A very enthusiastic and caring ACVC employee, Erin has brought to the team practical knowledge from equine training and a genuine inquisitiveness regarding diagnoses and procedures. She has a photographic/videographic memory, which is an incredibly useful skill in the clinic. She rises to the occasion to help at any opportunity, and thoroughly cares for your pet as our resident kennel technician. When she joins the clinical side as a veterinary assistant she will be an amazing, quick learning asset to the team! She does not currently have any pets due to housing restrictions…but is dying to take one home and cares for each one here as if it is her own.

When she is not at work, Erin enjoys a wide variety of hobbies like weightlifting, running, video games, fighting, listening to audio books, and fishing!

I love this job. I love working with animals and seeing all of the cases that come in. I also love talking to people so it is a win/win situation in my book!

Lindsay B.


Everybody loves Lindsay! Lindsay has been a professional pet groomer with ACVC since we opened in 1998, and is truly a hair-cutting powerhouse, one woman show. She specializes in a plethora of styles for any breed of canine, as well as our feline friends! She works wonders with dogs who are uncomfortable (or a little crabby), and often forms great relationships with them and their owners. She strives to make the experience as stress-free as possible, and keeps up to date with the latest ‘do’s.